Our Approach

Our intent is to invest in people, ideas and effective organisations who, through their work, serve to strengthen society.

· To influence nationally and implement locally (Munster).

· To focus on addressing the root cause of problems.

· To interweave arts, culture and creativity within our work in order to achieve greater impact.

· To provide project, core and multi-annual funding directed at achieving specific outcomes.

· To work with others, to collaborate and co-fund, to build partnerships that will strengthen social impact and philanthropy in Ireland.

Guiding Principles

Sustainable impact

Achieve systemic change, or, at a minimum, the achievements live on after the funding has finished. The Trust ‘invests’ in an organisation’s capacity to effect on-going change.

Catalyse and accelerate

Make things happen that would not have happened otherwise or in a faster timeframe.


Work in partnership with NGOs and other funders to increase impact, and maximise leverage and synergies.


Seek financial and/or in-kind leverage (recognise the value of volunteer effort).

Added Value

Ensure that where the Trust invests, it is adding value, not just money.

Our geographic bias is Munster

The Trust will provide multi-annual funding directed towards a clear outcome and small catalysing grants to enable thinking to happen and encourage conversations to be held. Core funding will be provided for strategically placed organisations.

We evaluate proposals on the basis of their

  • Mission fit with our goals
  • Impact potential
  • Leadership
  • Organisational track record of impact
  • Leverage
  • Sustainability

Please note:

Tomar Trust is in the spend down phase with limited funding remaining.

We do not accept unsolicited proposals. Applications for funding are by invitation only.

However, if you feel that we would be interested in what you are doing, you can send in a short pitch va this website. This can be via words or video. Limited to no more that 150 words or 2 minutes. You will receive an automatic response. If we are interested, we will contact you.

The Tomar Trust does not generally support

  • unsolicited proposals
  • educational bursaries or sponsorship for individuals for research or further education and training courses
  • proposals that do not have the potential to make a difference to policy or practice in Ireland
  • projects outside our priority areas
  • development projects that are not innovative
  • development projects from which no general lessons can be drawn
  • general appeals, for example, from national charities
  • grants to replace withdrawn or expired statutory funding, or to make up deficits already incurred
  • grants or sponsorship for individuals in need