Improving Life Outcomes for Children and Young People

A core priority for the Trust is in relation to investing in our children and young people. That they get the best start in life, and grow up healthy, connected to community contributing to society.

The first aspect is an interest in fostering individual resilience, empathy and agency in children and young people, through focusing on establishing strong social and emotional foundations by supporting parents and teachers.

Building on the work of the Trust to-date in its objective of young people achieving in life, and breaking free from poverty, the Trust will support the roll-out of evidence-based approaches that are proven to be effective in building resilience, empathy and agency, and in so doing, improving attainment and building protective factors for mental health and addiction.

The Trust will support initiatives that aim to innovate and reform the systems that support children’s development, particularly education, and initiatives that enable young people to have their own voice and develop their sense of agency to influence and shape the world around them.

The final aspect to be addressed in relation to children and young people is in changing Ireland’s attitude to alcohol and drugs.